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Love your apple trees

We had a lot of fun planting apple trees this spring. Woodcraft Folk, Swan Corner Community and Billesley Lane Allotments are working together to look after five new trees this year, kindly donated by Thatchers Cider. Now it’s time to care for and enjoy them. It may be a while before we will be able […]

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Trees bring people together

Trees really do bring people together – from 2020 early pandemic I’ve been distributing trees to groups and individuals and witnessed groups and networks forming around trees. It’s not just the planting or caring for them. Like the fabulous grove planted by Tree Sisters, Highbury Orchard, and Fruit and Nut Village, it’s making ‘places for […]

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More outdoor play for 6 and under

A new group is starting running outdoor activities for children 6 and under in Kings Heath/ Moseley/ Balsall Heath area. We are running free taster meetings on a monthly basis to try out some of the many great venues before the group plan to meet on a weekly basis starting in the New Year. The […]

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Standing up for our Homeless Youth

Young people from Woodcraft Folk slept out last night at Martineau Gardens to raise funds and awareness about youth homelessness. Youth homelessness is still increasing at an alarming rate often caused by violence, abuse, family breakdown and problems with mental health: young people often become homeless because it’s safer to leave home than to stay. […]

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Want to plant trees?

Want to plant trees but don’t know where to start? There are processes in place to plant trees in public spaces, places you can get free trees and advice on tree planting locally and nationally. Permission to plant trees Council departments and local groups will be helpful but sometimes it can get complicated working out […]

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Volunteer to listen

Sometimes just listening can make a difference – become a community listener! We need to gather people’s thoughts and experiences on Low Traffic streets to find out what might work best in the future. We want better streets designed for people’s priorities and looking to improve everyone’s air quality and environment. Get in touch with […]

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Active Travel Fair comes to Kings Heath

12 to 5pm Sunday 18th July, York Road Keen to cycle, walk or scoot but unsure how to start? Maybe you can’t figure out how to transport your kids, pets or shopping? Perhaps you’re nervous of the roads or feel cycling isn’t accessible to you? At the free Kings Heath Active Travel Fair, from 12-5pm […]

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Tolkein’s World on Environment Day

I hope to take you on an adventure, like no other, oh local people of Birmingham,  on a beautiful day. I, Toqueer, along with Marcus from the Active Wellbeing Society, started our adventure from the Springfield project, where we saw green shoots beginning to grow from their garden’s pace. Spring is here, we smile. As […]

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Why Trees have popped up

On facebook a question came up: Can anybody fill me in with the Christmas trees that have popped up on Druids Heath? I’d helped plant the trees, as part of the Social Able project in Druids Heath – led by Jayne Murray from Place Prospectors Funded by The National Lottery: ‘ resident had said, ‘How […]

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LTN Lowdown

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) are simple, cheap, temporary and adaptable means to control traffic. Where they are and the way they are introduced has a big impact on how well they work, but for years they have been doing exactly what they’re supposed to do – reduce traffic and traffic speeds, reduce air and noise […]