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Playing out on National Playday

Six streets across Kings Heath and Moseley will be ‘Playing out’ on National playday, Wednesday 6th August 2014. They are: Gaddesby Road 10am to 1pm Goldsmith Road 2pm to 6pm Peacock Road 10am to 1pm Wheelers Lane 10am to 1pm Woodville Road 2pm to 4pm Valentine Road 1pm to 3pm Highway engineers have already confirmed […]

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Playing out – Call to Arms

Kings Heath Centre for Space Exploration is once again coordinating efforts to organise a series of Playing out events for National Playday on 6th August 2014.  In 2014 we are looking to double the number of streets closed to traffic, open to play, from 3 last year, to more than 6 this year.  Happening, as it does, two […]

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Designing a sculpture

So much great work going on at Swanshurst School with Swan Corner community group!  Here is selection of photos by the sculpture group working with Graham Jones – initial design ideas for our roundabout sculpture:

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Strawberry and bamboo

Jamie reports: We planted strawberries, weeding the hill as we went along. We also put fast-growing bamboo in a new area of land. Finally, we put a large log down as a bench.

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Spring starts, workshops continue, Jamie’s photos

Jamie Hill Daniel documented workshop with Swanshurst School 28th April 2014, planting trees and whips on Swan Corner.

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‘Cage’ Park Reconstruction

Jamie reports on the unnamed park on Albert road, known by some as cage park: ‘The park has recently begun being rebuilt, with trim trail equipment and a new gravel path. I went past there recently to see what it looked like, and how the construction was going. It seems to be almost complete, with just […]

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Noticeboard planted

Working on Swan Corner’s been great to get to know neighbours.  You get to see people, chat, see the problems, why people get so upset about the traffic and the parking. Now that work has started on planting, positioned a noticeboard, begun filming, photoing, documenting the area and the problems, talking to more people, it […]

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Watch this space: Swan Corner

Sticking a spade into a grassy patch near a roundabout for the first time felt a little naughty.  I had a feeling a van would turn up at any minute and take me away.  Passers by were all encouraging of any attempt to make things better.  Many of them didn’t believe the willow fedge I […]

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Exploring road space going global

It’s always interesting to see how other people do things.  Here’s an apparently accidental solution to slowing traffic in San Francisco, with the added benefit of tourists slowing  traffic in much faster adjacent roads to get their photo taken.  This road is now marked in tourist guides including lonely planet we were using, promoted as […]

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Organise for playing out

It was a rainy day, but didn’t dampen resolve on Kings Heath Square to close more streets next year and open them for play. We were well supported by Parks for Play and Hall Green Arts, providing a range of creative activities, and two previous street coordinators were there to answer questions over a cuppa […]