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Taking litter picking to the next level

It all started on Swan Corner when Oz, the Neighbourhood watch man thought we could do something about it.  He provided the pickers and the bags in 2015, and now we do it every year – next one for Swan Corner is 10:30 on 8th April meet corner of Cold Bath and Brook Lane .

This really is the time of year for litter picking.  The sun is out (sometimes) and the bushes are still in bud, so you get a good view of the year’s litter.  You have your litter hot spots (for us outside the bus stop), but for the most part, you’d be surprised how quickly you can make your way along a street,look back and admire your handywork.  If you have a camera to hand, take some before and after photos, and maybe a quick photo of you with your neighbours to stick on facebook, twitter, nextdoor or wherever and share with your loved ones and councillors.

It’s not hard to organise, and I was pleasantly surprised by the response from neighbours, whether they were able to help or not, and passers by, who always smiled and said hello.  Even my children are quite excited – I was pleased when my chidren asked the other day, ‘Are we going litter picking?’

There is something very satisfying about digging about picking up bits, and it stays clear in our area for most of the year afterwards.  Before you know it, you’ll be planning your next litter picking in a couple of weeks, or maybe inviting a neighbour round for a cuppa, arrange fixing that broken fence, share your concerns about the pesky cat that won’t stop begging, or old Sheila from number 23, who hasn’t been out for a bit.

Who knows where it will lead, but wherever it leads, it’ll look that little bit more cared for.

If you want to find out more about litter picking, where to get the picker and bags, or anything else, please check nextdoor, your council, or drop us a line and we can help you.

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Could we arrange a litter pick-up in Moseley – along the main street. There is plenty of littering going on, and i am tired of doing it on my own. If a small group of us met once a week we could get it cleaned up, it would look lovely for the summer and perhaps people would think twice about chucking their litter allover the place.

Come on, it only takes an hour a week and the results will be great!

Hi Helen,

Happy to help if you can arrange – can you print a flyer to distribute to let local people know you are doing it? Maybe there are shopkeepers interested you could approach too. Your local Councillor Lisa Trickett is Cabinet member for Clean streets, Recycling and Environment – She might be interested in any litter picking you propose. Also you may get support from council generally – try their environmental services –

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