Playing Out Reports

Wild Brum’s Green Carpet Roll Out

With our first event done, we are coming away with a feeling of excitement. Pots were planted, shrubs were established and neighbours aquainted. The spaces taking part earlier in the day dodged the rain and got started on their green projects.

Swan Corner, in Billesley, is now displaying a willow swan, created by our own team member Marcus. Blenheim Road, in Moseley will see the bases of their roads trees flourishing with colour come spring. And at Edgwood Court, on the Waterworks Estate, they came together planting shrubs, provided by ourselves to create a green attractive space.

But the afternoon rain didn’t perturb Livingstone Road, in Kings Heath, going ahead with their road closure. In fact the children revelled in it, riding their bikes through puddles after making their own windmills and playing good old fashioned conkers. Their road now houses a bird box, for winged visitors and they have plans for a flower bed, which will bring the two halves of their street together.

Residents on Livingstone Road, potting plants and threading conkers.