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What’s a corn dog?

It’s corn dog season at Swanshurst Park in Billesley! My eleven year old daughter had to explain to me what a corn dog was – if you’re prepared to get muddy they’re just waiting to be picked.

If you turn off the path near the lake very soon the ground gets pretty muddy, and within a few steps it feels like you’re miles away from Birmingham. And there in the boggy bits between the woody bits, you’ll find bullrushes. It’s not something I knew about, but Freya has seen ‘Wild Corndog’ eating on youtube, so we found out together what happens when you crush (or bite!) a Wild corn dog (see videos below)

Having experimented with the bullrush itself, there’s more potential for discovery with a mobile phone and/or a magnifying glass – here’s some of the images getting closer and closer…