Project Brum Reports

Project Brum Bikes

Project Brum, has enabled me to join alongside Big Birmingham Bikes and Cycling UK who work alongside communities to ensure residents of that community are cycling around and are getting more healthier and safer.

Big Birmingham Bikes are encouraging more and more people to cycle in and around the city, making our city less congested. Recently, having taken part in a Led Ride from Broad Street ICC to Edgbaston Reservoir I found out that all the canal paths and parks are being resurfaced to encourage more people to cycle and use the path safely when traveling in and out of the city.

During my week, I enjoyed the learn to ride sessions, ride active, led rides around Birmingham and it was amazing getting to know delegates from the International Conference Centre and how they were so keen to take part in a Led Ride with one of Big Birmingham Bikes enthusiastic instructor Keith, who along our Bryn made sure we had an amazing time and towards the end I decided to lead the group back to our start point at the ICC which was fantastic and the following day we did the same Led Ride with a few people who seemed to enjoy the ride as much as we did!

If you are interested please get in contact with me or visit Big Birmingham Bikes for more information.