Project Brum Reports

Activating Project Brum

Active Parks have started a summer project called Project Brum, Myself and 10 others have been selected to deliver activities to the public in parks all over Birmingham. These first couple of weeks have been great and provided us with the knowledge of what to do over the next 10 weeks and how to deliver these sessions. I have also got to know more about the people I will be working with and we have been doing various activities during the first week to gain more understanding about what we all do, and the interests we have.

During the two weeks we have had people come in from different departments to discuss what they do and what service they offer to the public. There are different projects and these include Active Parks, Run Birmingham, Active Streets and Big Birmingham Bikes. Some of our team will also get the chance to work in the data team if they wish to do so. During these two weeks we have got the chance to see how sessions are delivered and we went to Summerfield Park to see Steve Fullerton who is an Activator deliver a Tai-Chi session, it was great fun as we all joined in and got to understand how we would set up a session in future. We then went to Stanhope Wellbeing Centre in Highgate and here we got to meet elder members of the community and got them to dance plus we served them lunch. This was an enjoyable and learning experience and I hope to try this again soon.

Overall I have found these two weeks very useful and will help me greatly in the weeks to come as I will be working under Active Parks which I found out recently and this was great news. I now have more knowledge of what the Wellbeing service offers to the public and cannot wait to get out there and get started.