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Making an exhibition of your Culture

As part of ‘Connecting Stories‘, People’s Heritage Cooperative are leading 3 hour workshops on How to Curate an Exhibition’ at Ladywood Community & Health Centre, Springfield Project and Library of Birmingham.  Tom Jordan writes:

The workshops focused on various aspects that you would be advised to consider when developing an exhibition, such as audience and purpose, selection and presentation, and together we discussed the importance of these aspects and others, and whether people felt that a specific model ought to be followed, or if flexibility was preferable. Generally it was agreed that whilst it was good to have certain points of focus and structure in the development process, it was also important to be flexible and allow projects to develop naturally.

When discussing the different aspects one might consider, we looked at examples of other exhibitions, of varying genres and scales, to illustrate how those features can be successfully employed.  In addition to the advice the workshops offered, they also provided an opportunity for groups and individuals to share their thoughts, concerns and questions, both with us, but also with one another. It was particularly rewarding to see different projects discussed at each event and listen to new insight and perspectives each time, with participants all positively engaging with the activities and discussion, and contributing to an extremely productive conversation. It was helpful for us also in taking on board people’s thoughts on the advice we were giving, and hearing the different responses or questions that attendees had each time round.

It was also encouraging to see such a breadth and diversity of projects and individuals, ranging from experienced curators open to new ideas, to those hoping to curate an exhibition for the first time, and hopefully not the last! It would be great to hear from some of those who attended in the future to learn how their projects have progressed, and we wish them all the best.

To find out more see resources designed to accompany the workshops.

Panorama of the 'Connecting Stories' exhibition at the Library of Birmingham
Panorama of the ‘Connecting Stories’ exhibition at the Library of Birmingham