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Our first mission

This is my first day as Head of Science here at the centre, although to be honest I’ve been told that my job title is a work in progress and may be revised in the near future.  The role is somewhat daunting, not only because my job description my vary wildly as a function of time, but because the last time I was in employment, as opposed to self-employment, was as a photographer in 1997.  My company car at that time was a Nissan Micra and I drank too much coffee, but that is very much by the by.

While I await direction from the board on where we should direct the thrust of our research, or rather the tip-e-toe of research as we are firmly committed to a non-violent approach to our work, I have a set myself a straight-forward first mission to establish some visible branding of the centre.  The details are not important, suffice to say that I have been researching how to weatherproof cardboard and shall be visiting a carpet shop to pick up some materials that they have kindly offered to donate to us.  Then, unless anyone can provide us with some suitable white roof sealant, I fear that I may have no option but to spend money at a hardware shop.

When there is something to see here, you will be made aware.