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Space Families (Robinson or Other) Required

The Kings Heath Centre for Space Exploration is a family exploring the space in which they live.  We’d like to meet other families who are interested in investigating how our homes and other spaces, both private and public, affect our well-being.  We’ll also be encouraging families we meet to embark on their own missions; to explore strange new homes, to seek out new families and new cultures, to boldly go where no family has gone before.

We would like to engage in conversation and learn about the way we and others use space.  We’d like to engage your creative skills, whatever they may be, to record the outcomes of this conversation.  Artist?  Writer?  Singer?  Knitter?  Baker?  Chef or Candlestick Maker?  Nothing is too outlandish!

How can two families have a discussion?  Isn’t it nigh on impossible for a single family to do this?  Why do I keep making reference to ‘space’ when, as my eldest son frequently points out, people are only going to be disappointed when they realise that it’s not outer space that we are exploring?  These are just some of the many questions that we’ll be setting out to answer.

As the project progresses we expect to be inviting groups of families who have been through this process to social, sharing events to celebrate our journey.

Could your family be one of the first to join us on this journey?  Get in touch.