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'Space Explorers' Community Project Begins!

There is an introductory session for the Space Explorers ‘Community Conversations‘ project on Thursday 6 December 11:30 at the Baptist Church Cafe on Kings Heath High Street.  This session is open to adults, and adults with children.  Food will be supplied for limited numbers, but if that all goes you can buy more from the cafe!

The project is all about looking at and enhancing well-being in our lives, by learning about space and the way we use it.  We will get started on this at the Baptist Church with simple and fun exercises looking at how space is used there.  The project is an opportunity to learn from and be inspired by experts, and each other.  To look at how we can boost our well-being, and that of our households, by exploring how our use of space impacts on our lives, and how the way we live affects our use of space.  There will be opportunities to learn or improve all kinds of skills for both adults and children.  These could include photography, film-making, blogging and using a Wiki.  You need only involve yourself in the aspects of the project that interest you. After all, this is aimed at improving your well-being!

We have been funded by the Church Urban Fund as a ‘Near Neighbours’ project, people of all faiths, and of none, are welcome.  Faith is not a primary focus of the project, but for registration we will be interested in your faith and faith background.

Please do feel free to invite friends who you think may be interested.  We look forward to seeing you!

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