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Fun-o-meter Festival

Could you help us organise an event in Kings Heath where providers of children’s activities come together to do battle and discover what really tops the fun-o-meter for children?

Children arriving at the festival will be given a pass card, allowing them a one free go on every activity available.  As they try each activity they will rate it on the pass card before moving on to the next.  When their card is full, children will be able to repeat their favorite activities, this time paying for the privilege.

The activities, which could include go-carting, bouncy castles, art, music, dance or drama workshops, knitting classes or helta skeltas, will be scored according to the children’s responses, independent assessors evaluation, and the number of children returning for paid turns.

At the end of the day we finally know what children’s activity is king of the fun-o-meter!

(Fun-o-meter image from card-blanc)

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