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Come to The Park With Many Names, Saturday 7 December

Come to Howard Road Park, walk down to Albert Road Park, cycle over to Corner Park or break into Cage Park! Whatever you call it, this is an open invitation to join in with play and planning, bring along your boules, chairs, swing-ball, anything you’d like to see in the park.
It’s National Tree Dressing Day, so we’ll be decorating a tree and enjoying some fruit, in the form of hot apple juice!
Look at the council plans for the ‘Youth Gym’ and feedback your reactions.
And most of all, let us know what you would like to see and do in this park, which an estate agent might describe as having ‘ample scope for improvement.’

The park is open all day, we’ll be there from noon until three PM.

Download a flyer for the event.

7 replies on “Come to The Park With Many Names, Saturday 7 December”

Cage park, or maybe Caged park has a ring about it (don’t want to get confused with the actor).

Sadly can’t make it on 7th Dec as on our travels then.

Went serching for information about the open air gym some WLTC kids are expecting to have use of and found this (and minutes of meetings about this)

Locals I’ve spoken to – including folk who use the Middleton Rd club – have no idea about this. Is there an intention to publicise it?

Hello Sue,
Sustrans are going to let the students know about this event and I am going to produce some flyers for Albert and Middleton Road residents. Meanwhile, anything you can do to spread the word would be much appreciated!

My family calls it ‘the smellies’ (because of the traffic fumes); my neighbour’s kid called it ‘No-name park’.

I doubt I’ll make it to the consultation, but here are my thoughts: (1) the park works well because lots of people go through it: I hope it won’t be parcelled into a ‘safe’ fenced in dead-end. (2) there are lots of fungi around the year on the west side (near the Alcester road), which suggests quite a good underlying (mini) biodiversity – it would be a shame to plant too much concrete gym stuff there or rip up the grass too much.

Thanks for your input Simon. What, if anything, would bring you to the park more often?

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