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Car-less Driving Day : Monday 24 September

Monday 24 September is the first ever Car-less Driving Day! Where ever you go, what ever you do, take your imaginary car with you. It can be any make, any model you like. Special equipment and upgrades no problem. It could even be a bus or lorry. Just take that imaginary steering wheel in your hands and start making an engine noise. Pootle down to the shops, cruise into work, even race your children (carefully!) into school, no one is too young for car-less driving.

Tips for car-less driving day

Don’t do it alone, tell your friends and neighbours where you’ll be car-less driving and spread the word online!

There’s no reason why being on skates or having to push a buggy, shopping trolly or rolling suitcase should exclude you from this feast of fun.

Remember, car- less driving isn’t careless driving. Car-less drive carefully, and avoid collisions with other pedestrians,car-less drivers and vehicles.

Be ready to answer the question, ‘Why are you doing that?’  We are promoting car-less driving day because we want people to think about the ever-growing numbers of cars on the road, the way that roads dominate our landscape and the dangers faced especially by children.  Car-less driving is something that anyone who cares can join in with, something that parents can do with there children, something that schools can do in their playgrounds, something that motorists can do when they are out of their cars. However, we do understand that you might just be car-less driving because it’s fun!