Working with Birmingham City University

We’re delighted to announce that our Space Explorers project is to be included in the Co.Lab module of this year’s architecture post-graduate course at BIAD, BCU.

This means that in two weeks I’m going to be pitching my project to students, along with others from The Public, Flatpack Film Festival and Dudley Zoo!

This development has come from a fascinating meeting I had yesterday with the head of the school of architecture, Kevin Singh.  I feel that I am still in the early days of evolving my concept and methodology of ‘Space Exploration’, so it was great to be able to talk it through with mr Singh, who brought to the subject his own professional and academic insight and knowledge.  It’s also reassuring to know that the school of architecture sees Space Exploration as sufficiently valuable and coherent to be offered to students as an option.

This doesn’t mean that any students are going to sign up though, so I’d better get working on my pitch!

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