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LTN Lowdown

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) are simple, cheap, temporary and adaptable means to control traffic. Where they are and the way they are introduced has a big impact on how well they work, but for years they have been doing exactly what they’re supposed to do – reduce traffic and traffic speeds, reduce air and noise […]

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Will Cones, Bollards and Planters Save our Children?

Kings Heath Low Traffic Neighbourhood has started, but as cones are replaced by more fixed bollards, will LTN bring us closer together? Last week I walked along Howard Road to admire the new planters. As I passed Colmore Road, one resident returned the missing cone to the middle of the road to prevent cars from […]

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Hear Young People, Feed Brum

There are hundreds of people in Birmingham who aren’t as lucky as us to have a home to go to tonight. Instead, they will be in hostels, squatting or on the streets with little access to food. Let’s Feed Brum. A simple aspiration. For Woodcraft Folk Venturers, a group of of ten to twenty young […]

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Organise for playing out

It was a rainy day, but didn’t dampen resolve on Kings Heath Square to close more streets next year and open them for play. We were well supported by Parks for Play and Hall Green Arts, providing a range of creative activities, and two previous street coordinators were there to answer questions over a cuppa […]