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Space Probe One – Exploring the Brentford / Ardley Road Junction

Monday 27 May 2013 is the date, the junction of Brentford and Ardley Road in Kings Heath is the place.  Space Probe One is the event!

Like the world’s smallest festival with a program of activities throughout the day, all exploring the possibilities of a grass-covered, triangular area of about 68 square meters, with roads on all three sides.

How would you use this space?  We’ll be putting out sun loungers and swing ball, to explore it’s leisure potential.  Running model making workshops to look at development ideas, diorama workshops to look at landscaping.  There will be food, drinks, musical performances, a talent show.  Maybe some theatrical performances too.  The possibilities are literally numerous.  And by the end of the day we’ll have at least one, and probably many, answers to the question ‘What is this space for?’

If you’ve got an activity you’d like to run, a song you’d like to sing, a tower you’d like to build or just a sit you’d like to down, then come along to map reference 52°25’14.56″N  1°52’59.54″W and become a space explorer!


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