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Kings Heath Centre for Space Exploration Logo

In readiness for our community conversations project getting underway, I am commissioning a logo for the centre from our old friends Carousel Digital and in keeping with our approach of openness and transparency, I’m going to make public the process of commissioning, drafting and selection on this blog.

The logo is for The Kings Heath Centre for Space Exploration

The ‘Centre for Space Exploration’ part of the logo should work as a brand in its own right, so that other centres could use the same logo e.g. Moseley Centre for Space Exploration, Whitby Centre for Space Exploration.

The Centre for Space Exploration is concerned with people coming together to explore, understand and improve their environment from home, to garden, to work place to public space.  The logo should suggest human exploration/examination of the natural and built environment.

The Centre for Space Exploration looks at spaces ‘from the cupboard to the cosmos’ but begins at home.

The logo should have colour and monochrome versions.  It will be used in print and online. There should also be a version suitable for producing a rubber stamp.

Is that complicated enough for you?  I’m looking forward to seeing your ideas!

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