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Active, social, fun!

As a student I have been given the opportunity to participate in an awesome and exciting programme called ‘Project Brum’ which is a programme for students in Birmingham, who provide integral support for the Wellbeing Service.

Confused and perplexed, was the expression on my face on the first day of induction. However, as I had progressed throughout the training course, I had a greater and broader understanding of the service itself. The Wellbeing Service, consists of many different sectors including Active Parks, Active Streets, Big Birmingham Bikes and many more and its main aim includes providing equal opportunities such as access to engaging and social activities, which in turns helps maintain stable mental and physical health. The service in particular focuses on helping citizens from deprived areas located in Birmingham, as many people do not have access to services like the gym, due to financial reasons (45%) as well as health and disability reasons (13.5%). Therefore, this service is AMAZING, as it allows people to access a range of different activities services, from various backgrounds, including residents from the BME/BAME community.

Working around the community and the staff in the Wellbeing service has definitely taught me new things as well as boosting my confidence.

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